From These Ashes

About The Author - In 1859 South Carolina stood on the threshold of war. The end to an era boldly knocked on every Southern door until even the peacemakers had no recourse but to allow its entrance. Without mercy, the war changed Southern lives forever. No amount of blood sacrifice shed during those tragic four years would atone for errors of past generations or gain empathy for those who so bravely fought for Southern independence.

From Part I - Somewhere between the child of yesterday and the man of tomorrow, a restless James Travis impatiently waited for his father to join him on the veranda. Pacing back and forth, the young man sighed deeply when he heard his father grumbling inside the Big House.

From Part 2 - Colonel Hamptonís first inspection of the troops after his illness sent a grumbling among the ranks. His soldiers, accustomed to their finely-tailored clothing, an indication of their wealth, were quite shocked to see how humbly the Colonel was dressed. However, the day Colonel Hamptonís son, Preston, arrived with a unit of his classmates from South Carolina College was quite a different story.

A Word About Part 3 - The events in the story you are about to read are taken from accounts documented by men who lived through those terrible years of Reconstruction. Although the events in Part III are particular to South Carolina, they were common throughout the South after the war. The fictional characters from Part I & II have been placed into the actual events of the day. What you are about to read is shocking ó shocking because having been omitted from our nationís text books, it may be the first time you have heard it.

Before you draw any conclusions about the past, you deserve to know all the truth. After researching the material for Part III, the author finally understood the events that dramatically shaped 20th Century America and just how much history was omitted from our text books. The fact is to the detriment of every Southerner óboth black and white óthe federal government stood idly by and allowed the Carpetbaggers and Radical Republicans to foster racial resentment that still lingers to this day.

For those of you who may doubt the validity of the events that are described on these pages, a bibliography has been included at the end of Part III. You are encouraged to read these books and draw your own conclusions.

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